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Tree Anchors and Kits

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What Makes the Tree-Guy™ so Unique?

  • Less Labor! The Tree-Guy™ installs in less than 1/2 the time of other systems. Since our Cinch-Bar™ guy-line tensioner eliminates turnbuckles and wire-rope clips, adjusting the line tension can be done in seconds.
  • Not only is the Tree-Guy™ far more efficient, its overall superior quality and the system is gentle on the tree. Disney World, for example, has accepted the Tree-Guy™ anchor system for use on their grounds.
  • The Tree-Guy™ system allows dramatic reductions in the installation labor costs. Install and forget. Minimal, if any, maintenance required. If guy length adjustment is ever necessary, it can be done by one man in seconds, and without tools.
  • No special tools are required. Although we offer a heavy-duty anchor driving tool, a 4 ft. length of standard 1/2" IPS steel pipe (available at any hardware store) can be used to drive our unique anchors into the ground.
  • At U.S. Rigging, we can also custom design a Tree-Guy™ system to your exact needs and specifications, and still save you money!